How to cure a fever at home| Necessary to avoid these 4 things.

How to cure a fever at home| Necessary to avoid these 4 things. Cold fever is a common problem in changing the weather. In monsoon, due to sudden changes in temperature after rainfall, there is a greater risk of viral fever and infection spread.

Typically, colds and colds in this season are cured in 5 to 7 days, but in some people, they last for a long time. If you too have a problem of cold fever due to changing the weather and it is not getting well, then the reason for this can be some of your own mistakes. These four things are important to prevent viral fever or cold.

Quick Tips:

The problem of cold fever is common due to the changing season.
You should drink plenty of water in the viral condition.
By sleeping in AC, the body temperature is greatly reduced.

You should drink plenty of water in the viral condition. Besides, drink juice and caffeine tea. In most fruits, antioxidants are found in which your body’s immune system is strong and the toxic substances are released from the body. If you have diarrhea or vomiting, then consuming electrode will be beneficial for you. Besides, lemon, lemongrass, mint, greens, honey etc. can also be beneficial for you.

1- Gold in the air conditioner

Generally, people use AC when the weather is changed. Since there is a huge difference in the temperature of day and night during the changing of the weather. In such a situation, sleeping body temperature in the AC decreases significantly, which has a bad effect on the nose and throat. Many times you may have a fever problem if you sleep in cold for a long time. Apart from this, a research has found that sleeping in AC has a bad effect on your immune system.

2- Not taking care of cleanliness

The most threat to viral illnesses is those people who do not take care of cleaning their body and their surroundings. Because the bacteria of the disease are more active during the change of weather, therefore, cleanliness should be taken care of at this time. Take a bath with soap daily, drying in the clothes, cleaning the bathroom and toilet, keeping the mouth snack while coughing and sneezing etc. It is important to take care of things. Apart from this, it is also very important to wash vegetables and wash hands before eating.

3- Wiping in clothes after sneezing and sneezing

Viral Infection bacteria become more active during the change of weather. Therefore, in this season you should always use handkerchief while sneezing or coughing at the public place. Keeping the mouthpiece during your sneezing reduces the risk of viral infection by you and others along with you. In this season, viruses present in the atmosphere spread through dropouts on one another by sneezing, sneezing or coughing. This is called respiratory infection virus.