There are no diseases like ovaries, colds, and colds.

Ginger reduces the impediment to the contraction of the respiratory tract.

A cough is cured by eating raisins and sesame seeds together.

The weather in Monsoon varies greatly. Due to continuous rainfall, it is natural to have moisture and season in the weather. The effect of which directly affects our health. Coughing, throat swelling and sore throat are very common in such weather. Today we use you ginger as a spice. But do you know that ginger is more potent than that? It is also helpful in fighting diseases. It also helps in eliminating every problem in the stomach and fighting against phlegm. Let’s learn how ginger helps to remove a cough.

Decoction of ginger

It is very difficult to cope with a cough and it seems that it will never end. But if you are troubled by the problem of a cough and are looking for natural remedies for this, then there is no boon in removing ginger and salt cough. Ginger reduces the impediment to the contraction of the respiratory tract. Which helps you to remove a cough caused by a cough. In addition, anti-oxidant elements present in ginger clean the toxin into the throat and inhalation pipe and exits a cough.

Boiled celery

The oily flakes are hot and do not cause colds and diseases like eating it. To make a decoction of oregano, keep one glass of water to boil. When it starts boiling, put a little jaggery and put one teaspoon of oregano. Now cook it so much that almost half glass of decoction is left. Filter this decoction and lubricate it and drink it. This decoction will cure a cough in one day and it also gives you relief from stomach problems.

Basil leaves

Boil the basil leaves in 5 grams, 5 kg black manukka, 5 grams of bran (6 grams of wheat flour), 6 grams of Mulhathi, 3 grams of vapor, and 200 grams of water. When the water is half, cool it and filter it. Then heat it and add hot water to the nights. A cough is cured by taking this dose for 3-4 days.

These things are also beneficial

A cough is cured by eating honey, raisins and sesame seeds. Drink equal honey in Triphala drinking it helps in coughing. Coughing ends by drinking tea of basil, black pepper and ginger. It provides relief in coughing by licking asafoetida, Triphala, Mitali and Mithri with lemon juice.