What is the Uvea of the eye?

what is the uvea of the eye?

The Uvea of the eye is a vascular highly pigmented layer of an eyeball, divided into three parts uveal tract.

Iris: Most anterior part of Uveal tract, circular diaphragm with central aperture called pupil. The colored part of an eye that regulates the amount of light that reaches the retina, also control depth of field, source of blood-ocular tissue.

Ciliary body:

Divides into two parts

  • Pars plana.
  • Pars plicata .

Lined by double layer of epithelium cell,

  • inner pigmented.
  • outer non pigmented.

Ciliary body produces aqueous humor, gives shape to lens, maintenance of IOP, constitutes blood Aqueous Humor.

Choroid: Extends from the optic disc to orra serrata, nourishes the retina. It is the largest part of uveal tract. Regulate retinal heat, also assist in regulating the IOP, pigments absorb excess light so avoiding reflection.

Disorders of uvea of the eye:

Uveitis: inflammation of uveal tract depends upon the part involved.




Iritis : inflammation of iris ,most common type of uveitis.

Iridocyclitis: Inflammation of iris and ciliary body.

Intermediate Cyclitis: inflammation of cilairy body.

Posterior uveitis : Retinitis inflamation involving retina.

choroiditis : Inflamtion of choroid.

Pan uveitis: Inflammation of all parts of uveal tract.


Depends upon the type of inflammatory reaction

  • Non-granulomatous.

Congenital Anomalies:

Heterochromia: difference in colors of eye

Iridis: neovascularation of the iris.

Polycoria: more than one pupil.

Corectopia: abnormally eccentric pupil.

Aniridia: absence of iris usually involving both eyes it can cause reduction in sharpness of vision and cause photophobia.

Coloboma: defect in tissue in which pupil become pear shaped, incomplete closure of embryonic fissure during development associate with glaucoma, cataract, and refractive errors.

Cyst of iris: benign lesion of iris may arise from Pigmented epithelium layers of the iris.

Predisposing factor:

  • Viral illness.
  • Mental depression.
  • Sudden changes in temperature.
  • Breakdown in the immune system.
  • Differential diagnosis.
  • Acute glaucoma.

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